What We Do
Embedded Software

Most of the time in engineering there are many ways to solve a problem and there isn’t only one correct solution. Often, the more complex the problem, the truer this becomes. There are however better ways of solving problems than others, and we believe the simpler the solution the better. When it comes to embedded software, where there is limited processing power, very little memory and very few low-level functions to use, this becomes particularly important. We always try to break a problem down, simplify it, and aim for code that is very clean and concise – in fact we believe that the best line of code is the one that was never written.


With an increasing number of connected devices every day, it is no longer enough for a device to work in isolation; it needs to work in unison with other similar devices and harness the power of a networked solution. It is important to take scalability in to consideration, even if a project is in its infancy, as it will pave the path towards building a reliable network with fewer problems, less failures and more flexibility.