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Welcome to our digital solution for charities and not-for-profits looking to embrace online delivery.

Engage the digital generation, reach the hard to reach.

In collaboration with clinical experts we have developed a secure and user-friendly online counselling and webinar platform to suit your needs.

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Be part of something bigger

Join an ever expanding network of charity partners across the UK, benefitting from online and face to face meet ups across the network to share good practice

Friendly tech support and staff training
Export your own data to meet reporting requirements
Ongoing development and new features rolled out all the time
Online & face to face meet ups to share good practice
We work with you to deliver the best service
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Real Time (or scheduled) Online Counselling

We provide a safe and secure platform to deliver one-to-one online counselling either via our real-time live chat (IM) or weekly/scheduled therapeutic messages between counsellor and client

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Enable remote working on any device, for counsellors & clients to access from anywhere

Schedule sessions and send your own outcome measure forms such as CORE (YP/Adult)

Tag and record presenting and emerging issues for each client

Automated session reminders and risk alert notifications with bespoke email templates
Group Workshops / Webinars

Schedule and deliver your own group workshops / webinars for up to 50 people. Facilitate peer support or deliver psycho-education to your service users.

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Share slides and videos in real time

Moderate your own group chat space for discussion

Pre and post webinar/workshop session outcome forms

Optional private group functionality
Real-Time "Drop In" Sessions

For clients looking for support in the moment, our online Drop In functionality enables you to set up a regular time for drop in appointments. Your counsellors or support staff will be available online and allocated clients as they register and join the queue.

This enables you to offer brief and lighter touch support interventions for those new to the service, needing some signposting or unsure about signing up for ongoing counselling.

Schedule a regular drop in window for real time support
Online queuing system for clients waiting to be seen
Brief one-to-one support interventions without having to sign up for online counselling
Text based real time chat (IM)
Bespoke Registration fields

Enabling organisations to satisfy different KPI's and funder requirements

Our registration and data capture is completely bespoke, allowing you to capture all the necessary data for detailed reporting. Satisfy the most stringent of funding requirements by collecting details such as age, ethnicity, gender, education, GP details and more.

Security & GDPR Compliance

Aeguana takes security extremely seriously. Our platform has been developed in collaboration with leading online youth charities, ensuring compliance with the highest levels of data security and protection.

Sensitive data is stored securely, on EU servers complying with GDPR standards.
All information ‘in transit’ is encrypted between counsellors and clients.
Different user permission / access levels prevent unauthorised access to data.
Fully Customised per Organisation

Our Online Counselling platform provides the ability to fully customise content, from styling the overall look and feel, to customising email content, introductory information and much more.

Customisable theme (colours, logos, images & more)

Content editable text throughout

Bespoke email templates

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