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About us

Starting 2010, Aeguana is a multi award-winning automated retail technology company, with a focus on innovation and delivering unrivalled customer service.
We make vending exciting — and profitable.

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Our story

Aeguana is your award-winning partner for vending technology and management.
Since 2010, we provide a smart vending ecosystem that integrates hardware, software and expertise. We make vending exciting — and profitable.

We started out garage-style as a pure software company streamlining vending operations. Since then, we have evolved into an end-to-end innovator: your partner for innovation in vending.

Software managing 30,000+ machines

Global experience and network

Winner of multiple technology and innovation awards

Our people

We’re proud to celebrate a brilliant team of more than 100 people! 

People are our foundation. We are a very diverse team of multi-disciplinary engineers, designers, and consultants with extensive industry experience. At Aeguana, we dream big. We all love what we do, we aim to excel at it — and most importantly, we have fun doing it. 

Join our team!

Aeguana is growing at a fast pace, so we’re constantly on the lookout for talent to join our fantastic team.

Click the button below to view our open positions… but don’t let that limit you. If you see yourself working with us in any capacity we didn’t (yet) list, just send us an email.

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A step ahead

Our ideas have been dismissed as ‘outrageous’ by competitors and market leaders… and yet, that hasn’t stopped us from building the most innovative vending ecosystem the market has seen. 

We strive to lead in terms of technology, holistic solutions, and people. With seasoned industry veterans on board, we can rightfully claim that we truly know the industry we are pushing forward.

Aeguana innovates, so your business can be ready for the future of vending; a sustainable future empowering you to grow your business into (new) unattended markets.

Future-thinking brands

We are on a mission to disrupt the traditional consumer vending model by creating innovative, digital retail solutions that help businesses engage better with their customers and deliver unique, memorable experiences.

We create award-winning digital retail technology and services for future-thinking brands and disruptors. In doing so, we innovate for a sustainable future empowering our customers to grow their businesses into new unattended retail markets.