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Our core equipment range includes digital vending machines, smart fridges and freezers, ‘coffee to go’ machines, micro-markets and more…

Our core products

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Smart Vending

Digital vending machines designed for high throughput locations including fresh food & high value items.

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Micro Market EPOS

Micro Market solutions with a difference. Combine our EPOS with any of our vending machines, fridges, freezers or coffee units to create a unique, modular Micro Market offering.

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Smart Fridges & Freezers

A seamless buying experience designed for fresh food, snacks, and frozen meals. Truly “grab & go” retail, powered by cutting edge technology.

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Coffee to go

Digital freestanding and table top coffee units from leading global manufacturers, integrated with just about everything. Personalise drinks. Reward consumers. Enjoy.

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A modular retail solution for any environment

Scalable solutions designed to adapt and expand as your needs evolve

Real-time everything,

Consistent UI/UX
across different devices

Bespoke user interfaces &

Advice & Support
to scale faster

Extensive Personalisation

A fully customisable user interface (UI/UX) to reflect the power and personality of your brand, that optionally integrates with any additional services. No templates. No guidelines. Truly bespoke.

Every machine (or combination of devices) can be fully branded either with a custom structure, lightboxes, or with high quality PVC wraps, delivering stand-out visual impact for your brand.

Bridge the digital <> physical world

Our platform provides an intuitive experience for customers, delivering unique capabilities such as touch-less checkout, mobile app integrations, or interfacing with different payment systems and 3rd party APIs.

Fully Bespoke

Empower consumers to engage with
your brand and product the way you want.

From the look and feel to the end-to-end
customer journey, this can be created
by your marketing team, or in collaboration
with our digital experience team.

Delivering seamless end-to-end
global connectivity

Vendlive connects and underpins all of our devices. Truly one platform to rule them all.

  • Comprehensive real time telemetry
  • Extensive content management
  • Advanced e-commerce & analytics
  • Retrofit digitalisation capabilities
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Since 2010 aeguana has been on a mission to redefine automated retail.

Bespoke Vending Machine

Aeguana works closely with world-leading vending machine operators and vending machine manufacturers, engineering new technology, integrating vendlive digitalisation capabilities, and improving existing products. Our expertise spans mechanical and electronic engineering, cost reduction / design for manufacture, and software development.


Extremely resilient multi-network 4G connectivity including multi-APN failover to deliver real-time capabilities as standard.

We always recommend cellular connectivity, however, for specific applications – cruise ships, subterraean basements (and perhaps other planetary systems?) – we also provide the option to connect via Wi-Fi or a standard LAN cable.

Bespoke UI/UX

From ‘standard’ user interfaces focused on product selection and discovery, through to consumer engagement campaigns to drive social reach. Our user interface and customer journey (UI/UX) can be entirely bespoke to meet different requirements, localisation challenges, and brand engagement ideas.

Digital Engagement

With large digital displays, customers can be engaged in different ways – from advertising to community messaging. It can be a great way to either promote your own products, drive consumer engagement, achieve significant product upsell through higher ATV’s, or introduce an entirely new revenue stream.

Payment Options

Aeguana can facilitate almost every digital payment method available (but no coins or cash for us – we gave that up many years ago). From ‘traditional’ cards (contactless / chip / magstripe) to digital payments through mobile apps, cryptocurrencies, Paypal, WePay or even Twint. By creating machines that are always connected, the possibilities are endless, and these are being added to every day.

Product Sizes

From full-size bottles of champagne to 1.5ml fragrance sampling vials. Aeguana will work with you to either adapt an existing dispense mechanism, or engineer an entirely new one if needed. Our goal is to ensure that by working closely together our solutions dispense your product correctly, every time.

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Touchless Vending – Solving
Covid19 Concerns

Designed in collaboration with our clients to support them through the Covid-19 pandemic, our technology solutions deliver a sterile and touchless end-to-end experience.

We’ve leveraged our technology to provide a truly innovative solution for automated retail in a world transformed by COVID19, such as our patent-pending end-to-end touch-less vending experience.

Touchless experience, start to finish

payments (only)

touch screens

of product chute

retrieval flap

In-built hand


How do your vending machines work?

Most of our unattended retail solutions feature a high-resolution display which allows consumers to easily browse the range of products available and interact with our technology, benefitting from the full vendlive capabilities.

Machines are fully adaptable to different product sizes depending on your requirements, and we will always provide recommendations for the best options depending on the specific product SKUs you’re looking to dispense.

Our models almost all feature a QR/RFID scanner as standard which allows your consumers to redeem promotions or to use mobile-based loyalty schemes.

The contactless payment terminals integrate with a wide range of payment providers and gateways, depending on the location and acquiring requirements.

All our machines are powered by our proprietary software solution, vendlive.

This provides real-time telemetry data covering sales, alerts and even interactivity analytics, and enables the remote configuration of the machine.

How are the machines connected?

All our machines are connected to the internet via 4G which comes as standard with vendlive. Optionally wireless (WiFi) and hardwired LAN connectivity is available, though we don’t recommend this typically.

Can I control the advertising on the screens?

Of course! It’s yours to control and you can run both video and static ads or customer messaging when the machine is idle, or when dispensing products. Better yet, take advantage of the integrated camera and automatically run specific videos when consumers make eye contact and approach your machine.

Aeguana provides full rights to the advertising space on each of your machines, enabling you to control it however you want, whenever you want at no extra cost.

Can the user interface be customised?

Absolutely. We will work with you and your marketing/design teams to create a complete bespoke user interface to reflect your brand’s personality with no ‘templated’ constraints – anything is possible.

We can pull in external data (eg: traffic or weather), integrate with 3rd party systems (eg: finance/back of house software) to make this an integral part of your retail offering.

What are the customisation options available?

You can fully customise the look of all machines, from the digital design of the user interface and the flow of the user experience, to the branding wrap around each machine. Tell us what you’re after, or talk to us and we can help you with some ideas for inspiration.

What payment options are available?

We integrate with most unattended payment terminals (both over MDB and through proprietary protocols) and can therefore support the vast majority of PSP’s and acquirers.

All major credit/debit cards are accepted, together with digital payment wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, Twint, WePay and more. Additionally, our mobile app integrations enable online gateways like Stripe or WorldPay to be used for topping up your wallet, or even processing payments using facial recognition.

What support does aeguana offer?

We’re here as a trusted partner to ensure your success. That’s why the support we offer is comprehensive, from installation to training, ensuring we’re working closely together and available when you need us.

Our support desk and engineering team will help you troubleshoot problems and answer all your ‘how-to’ questions. We have processes in place, from our quality assurance team, to our dedicated helpdesk, in order to prevent, diagnose, and fix issues as they arise, anywhere in the world.

What kind of training does aeguana offer?

We have created a thorough hands-on training programme for each of our solutions. Typically our training is provided on a ‘train the trainer’ basis, enabling the knowledge to be retained by your organisation, with refresher training on hand when required.

Our training sessions cover everything, from general machine introduction and its parts to daily operating processes and fleet management using vendlive.

How long is the warranty?

Our standard warranty is a ‘return to base’ warranty, running for 12 months from initial purchase. Optional warranty extensions can be provided for up to 60 months as part of our maintenance packages, and support is always on hand to resolve any issues that may arise with your equipment or software, throughout the life of each machine.

How can I get started?

It’s easy to get started. Just email us at, call us on 0207 726 8575 or complete the contact form on our Contact us page. We’ll be in touch to understand more about your project and requirements, and see how we can support you to deliver it.

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