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Using a social vending machine can be a fantastic way of engaging consumers, capturing data and generating real social buzz.

How do our social vending
campaigns work?


Define your campaign
Our team will work with you to curate the perfect campaign to achieve your objectives – be it product sampling, increasing social reach, or simply an awesome viral PR stunt.

We deliver your campaign
We understand events. We’ll deliver on time, anywhere in the world. Our support staff will oversee the live event and ensure it runs smoothly.

Measure the results
At the end of each event, we’ll produce a social reach report, provide analytics on usage, along with all data captured (such as user Instagram on product samples, game results etc). ✌️

Reward your customers whilst gaining valuable demographic marketing data

Facial Recognition & Speech Detection

Take your campaign a step further by introducing facial recognition and speech detection. This can be a great way to leverage gamification in a digital campaign.

Facial Recognition

Imagine rewarding a customer once a day with a free smoothie? We can also use this for some epic gamification. Imagine taking on a role or character across multiple digital vending machines or displays? The opportunities are endless.

Emotion Sensing

With accurate emotion sensing covering a range of emotions. Feeling sad? Have a chocolate crepe. Feeling happy? Try a salad… Just Eat delivered a fantastic campaign leveraging emotion to reward customers with the most adequate food.

Speech Detection

With Speech Recognition vending machines we can create truly unique campaigns that deliver world firsts for your brand. Yakult put together a great campaign to teach customers some Japanese words to tie in with their Japanese heritage.

Data Capture & Gamification

Interactive vending (or should we call it sampling?) has never been as much fun!

Capture customer information (eg: demographics) and feedback, or deliver interactive quizzes and games to win prizes. Touch ever-faster icons before they disappear (the 21st century version of whack-a-mole surely). Get customers to do fun things.

On-Screen Quiz

Capture information on customers, find out about who they are or ask them about their favourite products, or some trivia about the brands history.


By gamifying the experience, customers can compete to beat a top score for the chance to win a premium prize, always whilst rewarding everyone for taking part.

Motion Detection

Get customers to jump the highest. Blow a kiss. Throw an air punch. We’ll detect the motions, and reward them accordingly – interactive vending has never been as much fun!

Looking for something else? We love delivering world firsts.

You can (quite literally) think outside the box and come up with anything you could possibly want your vending machine to do – we’ll find a way, guaranteed*.

*We can’t break the laws of physics just yet…

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