Customer rewards
In-store engagement
Premium Automated Retail


Piaget’s customer reward automated retail solution was designed specifically for their Harrods store in London. It needed to be perfect, look premium, and deliver a flawless experience to customers every time.

Aeguana developed the DVT-L and customised it to exude luxury and fit in within the premium store environment. The DVT-L is now a new digital vending machine variant that has proved extremely popular with customers around the world.


Piaget wanted to create a luxury in-store experience to reward loyal customers. Customers were sent gold invitations
to drive footfall to the store, and engage existing customers. Upon arrival, they were to be rewarded with a
variety of premium gifts, from artisan chocolate, to macaroons or even a silver bracelet.

Through brainstorming, the creation of mood boards, and the exploration of
different concepts and ideas, a bespoke, interactive user experience was created.

  • Online connectivity
  • Online connectivity
  • Interactive Experience
  • Luxury, Premium Design

Data Capture

When customers arrived in store they were presented with a bespoke user experience, inviting them to step through the journey, provide their email address and some additional details, and then receive their reward.