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30th September 2017 by Jason Vincent

Digital Vend (Touch) launches with Martin Fisher Foundation

Aeguana have partnered with the Martin Fisher Foundation (MFF) and Biosure to run a trial dispensing HIV Testing Kits from select locations in Brighton & Hove using the latest Digital Vend (Touch) vending machines.
The on-screen user experience was completely customised by MFF to collect demographic and epidemiological information from each client prior to dispensing a kit from the vending machine. The way this works is as follows:

  1. Customers are presented with an information screen informing them of the process and the service available.
  2. They are subsequently asked for their mobile number to validate them as a user*
  3. This number serves as a one-time use to send them a text with a 4 digit code that they need to enter to collect their kit
  4. The client is then prompted for answers to some questions including their age, and when they were last tested

The vending machine is fully connected to enable the SMS codes to be transmitted in real time. It also provides instant stock alerts to the venue and all relevant parties to ensure they are aware when stock is running low.
All anonymous customer data, along with general sales information, is then made available (in real time) from our VendLive vending management platform. This enables detailed reports to be run and exported as required.
The trial is being expanded to additional locations within Brighton & Hove currently. It’s a brilliant use of the full connected, bespoke, technology Aeguana makes available through our intelligent vending machines, and we always encourage clients to design their own user interfaces and experiences, in order to deliver the best possible purchasing experience at point of sale.
* To ensure anonymity for clients using this vending machine, we store a cryptographic hash of the client’s telephone number, ensuring it can’t be decrypted and using it only for validating future ‘purchases’ by the client from the vending machine, as these are limited in frequency.

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