Eat Shed

Fresh & Healthy Vending
Bespoke Vending
Data Capture & feedback


EatShed are on a mission to deliver healthy, fresh food to customers on the go. Whether in an office building, or in a local leisure centre after a grueling workout – their food is healthy, nutritious, mainly plant based, and good for the soul


To disrupt typical vending notions, it was important for our automated retail solution (we don’t like using the word vending machines to describe our technology!) to have impact and presence, ensuring customers take note of the offering and how it’s different.

To provide a ‘one stop shop’, it was also important to provide an area for dispensing utensils (forks, napkins, spoons – sporks one day perhaps?). The digital experience needed to be simple, eye-catching, provide extensive nutritional information, and capture some customer information too.

  • Online connectivity
  • Interactive customer feedback
  • Customisable promotions & ‘meal deals’
  • Temperature monitoring and remote logging

Approach & Solution

We created a new design based on our DVTx32 vending machine with extensive branding opportunity all around, lending itself to a vibrant, eye-catching wrap. On the digital user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), we created some fantastic new features. The ability to request feedback on the overall experience at the end of each purchase was one such feature – seemingly so simple (and another example of a concept prevalent in e-commerce but unheard of in automated retail).

Another great use case for our fully bespoke UI/UX was the ability to provide a free meal to anyone who had a less than ideal experience. For instance, if part of a customer’s meal mis-vended, they are automatically emailed a ‘free meal’ voucher that they can redeem instantly, or at any time in the future. This is part of our strategy to engage customers to ‘try’ automated retail technology, whilst ensuring that their loyalty is retained even when things don’t quite go according to plan.


A unique retail offering, with a built in customer feedback system (all made available to view through our VendLive vending management system), along with the integrated ‘free meal’ voucher technology to compensate customers was a fantastic addition to our core VendLive system.