The Economist

Experiential Marketing


Working in collaboration with Sense Experiential, The Economist wanted to awe commuters on their rush to work by serving them coffee made by a robot barista.

The overall footprint for the activation was limited, and it needed to be sufficiently robust and reliable to be toured across different train stations in London and setup overnight.

Millimetric Precision

Our solution was to create a spectacle using a robot to carefully pour a Nespresso cup of coffee, and hand it to the consumer, all triggered in a truly ‘touchless’ fashion, via the wave of a hand.

  • Online connectivity
  • Online connectivity
  • Theatrical and awe inducing
  • Precision and consistency
  • Touch-free

Human vs AI

The activation raised awareness of
robotics and AI, and the role that humans can, and will, play in our future.

Aeguana got involved in various elements
beyond robotics, developing an interactive
maze solver to demonstrate the pathways and approaches taken by an AI to solve a ‘complex’ problem, versus a humans approach.