1st April 2020 by Jason Vincent

Aeguana Launches Semi Automated Retail (SAR) in a UK First

It’s a time of year that has become synonymous with amazing announcements, and in consistent fashion, Aeguana has finally announced the launch of our Semi Automated Retail (SAR) service to our clients.

We’ve been listening to our clients, and whilst retailers and the general public are becoming increasingly more accepting of vending machines and automated retail, the feedback has been that it’s lacking a “human touch”.

Clearly, it’s not the simplest problem to solve with technology. As a result, we’ve decided to innovate further, and launch our new service. Operating hours will remain unaffected, and we’ve secured staffing rota’s to be able to continue to offer a true 24/7 service, as you would expect from any vending machine business.

Initially piloted in China and Japan, the home of vending machines, we’ve now decided it’s the right time, and the UK market is ready, for the ‘technology’ to jump to our home country.

It enables us to circumvent the use of digital displays, which up until now have been extremely well received, in favour of the next generation of information – humans. Content will still be updatable through VendLive in full – including product and nutritional information. Our vetting and training procedures for our new ‘operatives’ involves only the best getting through, to what will soon be regarded as a prestigious position – this will involve a memory test, and the ability to quickly synthesise any updates pushed down to each ‘machine’.

This will be rolled out in stages, initially within busy stations and high footfall locations and later to more intimate locations – a few clients have expressed interest in siting one within their office buildings, or even in some larger family homes, making the opportunity truly unexpected.

The demand has already surpassed our expectations – and we can’t wait to roll this out further.

The press have already named it “ground breaking” and “a true demonstration of what innovation can lead to”. We’re honoured, and will continue to push the boundaries, in what has become the day of the year to announce industry-shifting innovations. Here’s to many more April 1st’s…

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