1st December 2020 by Jason Vincent

Celebrating World AIDS Day with Orasure

Today is World AIDS Day. It’s the day when millions around the globe join the fight against HIV and AIDS. World AIDS Day is an opportunity for us to better educate ourselves and our communities, support those affected by the virus and challenge the stigma around HIV and AIDS.

Orasure HIV Testing Kits dispensed in Kenya

We’re extremely proud to have made a positive difference by building an automated system for distributing HIV self-testing kits through Aeguana’s Digital Vend Touch 24 wall-mounted vending machines.

We’ve been working in collaboration with Orasure and the Martin Fisher Foundation (who you can read more about here: to help deliver on the World Health Organisation’s 95/95/95 ambition – 95 per cent of people living with HIV knowing their status, 95 per cent of people with diagnosed HIV on treatment, 95 per cent of people on treatment with suppressed viral loads).

Aeguana has developed a smart dispensing solution using both an on-screen survey and a micro-site online survey to enable users to register for a one-time dispense code which can subsequently be used on any of the vending machines available.

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